Snack Attack Sunday: Hold the Meat

Ingredients:  Ummmm, there’s a lot (not the best choice when trying to avoid overly processed food, but some of the ingredients are recognizable: vegetable protein, canola oil, salt, garlic powder, egg whites.)

My Two Cents:

Since becoming a pescatarian I’m enjoying the option to have some sort of meat, but sometimes I miss the texture of a good ol’ turkey burger.  I was cruising the freezer section of my grocery store and came across these veggie burgers by Morning Star.  They caught my eye not only due to the image on the box, but they were also on sale ($3). I love a good sale.  It’s definitely an opportunity to try new stuff that you probably would not give a second thought about on any given day.  I threw one of these bad boys in the microwave, added a 1/4 avocado, lettuce, sun-dried tomatoes, Dijon mustard, sharp cheddar cheese, flat bread and whoaaaahhhhhh, momma….that hit the spot.  The texture is very much like a beef burger and the flavors are spot on also.  There is a slight venison flavor that makes me very happy.  I’ve been eating these things way too often, but I would definitely choose these any day over beef.  By the way, this one burger was a mini meal for me.  There are quite a few calories in the patty, cheese, and avocado.  I suppose you could add a light salad, but hold the croutons and other fun things like extra cheese and high fat dressings.

Morning Star, you’ve got yourself a winner.


Healthy Journey!


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