Snack Attack on Sunday

Ingredients:  Oats, Barley, Amaranth, Quinoa

My Two Cents:

I came across this little bag of joy while grocery shopping today.  For only a buck, I said, “Hey, why not?”  I purchased the Wild Berry and Butter Pecan flavors, but have only sampled the Wild Berry thus far.  The first think I noticed once I opened the bag was that the chips were about the size of a quarter and covered with actual oats and other grains.  The flavor wasn’t bad at all and not too sweet.  It was like eating an oversized, thicker version of Frosted Flakes with a hint of berry.  I would recommend eating them alone as a snack or adding a low-calorie yogurt or glass of milk for a mini-meal.  Hell, you can just have them for dessert!


Healthy Journey!


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