The Incredible Edible Egg!

What’s for Dinner?  Hmmmm, Moroccan grilled salmon with a touch of mango chutney, gourmet side salad (whatever the heck that is), couscous and a glass of Merlot?  Yeah, right!  I’m a working gal and sure it may take less than a century to make a gourmet meal right after work, but tonight?  I’m relying on los huevos.  Originally, the idea of baking salmon tonight was right on the money until I realized that I only had frozen fillets (forgot to defrost in the fridge) and did not want to dish out 10 bucks for the freshly sliced stuff.  Instead, I said, “Self?  What’s in the fridge?  What other protein sources are there?”  BAM!  How about dem’ eggs?

Even better, let’s make Paula Dean proud and add a quarter tbsp of butter to the pan and fry it up.  You know what?  Lets lay it on a bed of lentil-spinach soup with a side of 6 large leaves of romaine lettuce, topped with 1/2 of a Hass avocado and drizzled with 2 tbsp. of low-fat vinaigrette.  That’s what’s for dinner folks.  Quick, simple, and healthy.  At least SparkPeople seems to approve of my choice.

People, you know no matter how full you make think you are, there’s always room for dessert.  As for me, I’m going for another round of Noosa.  Who says healthy eating has to be boring and expensive? No, really!  Who said it?


Healthy Journey!



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