Snack Attack Sunday on a Monday!



Ingredients:  Milk, Honey, and Fruit

My Two Cents:

The texture was very creamy.  Much smoother than your Chobani or Oikos Greek yogurt.

The first spoonful took me by surprise.  It had a little punch, but in a good way.

If you like the taste of organic or raw milk to that of conventional milk, you’ll love this stuff.

There’s nothing artificial about the taste and texture.  The fruit is also amazing. I’m test driving the raspberry flavor, but I’m sure all of the flavors are equally amazing!

Can cost up to $3 per container for 2 servings.  You will probably consume both in one sitting or standing in my case.

I will treat myself to this occasionally.  The healthy cultures in the yoghurt are definitely a bonus!



Healthy Journey!


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