Hey,What Channel Are You On?

I just love that word.  Channeling!  The verb.  Chanel your energy to some psychedelic funk-a-tastic world.  Channel your spirit.  Channel your mind.  CHANGE the DAMN CHANNEL!

Sometimes I channel Shakira.  It comes in handy during Zumba grinding.  Sometimes I channel Mayweather.  That guy can throw a mean punch, but dude, you’ve gotta stop hitting your ladies.  Sometimes I channel SpongeBob, Maya Angelou, Oprah (a broke Oprah), my mom, my dad, Betty White, Fred Flintstone, and sex-kitten, Dr. Ruth.  Does that make me tri-polar?

Lately, I’ve been channeling more of myself.  I feel that as I get older I’m okay with my imperfections and awesomeness.  Everything that has happened in my life up to this point has shaped the person that I am today and I know that when I am older, still sexy, and insanely wiser, parts of who I am today will still be part of my life, but I will have changed even more.  Folks, that’s cool.  Although, it’s only cool when you’re progressing forward because if you’re constantly regressing and going back to old eating habits (yesterday I channeled Cookie Monster…what a disappointment), letting negative people come in and out of your life as they please, and constantly living in a stressful mindset, your channel (life) is going to lose color and purpose.

Just a few random thoughts!

Healthy Journey!


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