“Wow, that’s all you’re going to eat for lunch?”   That’s what I said this morning while throwing food into my work bag, but I took a step back and actually “looked” at my afternoon feast.  There was whole wheat Israeli couscous, two servings of vegetable medley to mix in with the couscous, and melon.  Half of an avocado, maybe a little tofu would have set the meal right also, but I packed apples, almond butter, celery sticks, and a granola bar for snacks.  Overall, I think I had a good thing going on.  There’s a good amount of protein in my couscous and almond butter and I’ve got a variety of fruit and veggies.  Besides, breakfast was bangin’ too.  So what was my problem?

The problem was that I had a moment of panic.  Something that I use to do when I was much heavier and ate constantly in fear of not eating enough or following everyone else’s rules for eating.  The voices came back.  You know those voices.  Voices from your childhood, voices of discouragement, pressure, and criticism made by others judging you when you attempt to take better care of yourself.

“Clean your plate, there are children starving in China.”

“What, are you on a diet or something?”

“Do you want more cake?”

“Here, eat some more food.  Don’t let all of this good food go to waste.”

This morning I realized that I have changed and YES, I am going to eat all of this nutritious food for lunch.  Furthermore, it will be enough.  Part of losing weight and getting healthier isn’t just about what and how much you eat, but a great deal of it has to do with how you “think” about food.  It’s about finding those triggers and unhappy things that make you want it so bad and doing something about it.  You have to retrain and teach yourself how to eat all over again.  You don’t have to stuff yourself into oblivion before you’ve declared yourself full.  We don’t have to continue to treat our bodes like crap.  They deserve much better.  I’ve abused mine for so many years and now enough is enough.  I will treat it with respect and honor it from now on.  I won’t rely on those voices for guidance, but instead I will create a new dialogue.  You know, we have the ability to make our bodies stronger than ever. Sure, I think it’s safe to say that a lot of people want to lose weight to fit into a hot pair of jeans or strut their sexiness in a two piece bikini, but that should be the least of their worries.  Focus on getting healthy and the rest will follow.  We are worth the investment!

Healthy Journey!!!



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