Yo, Don’t Call Me Chicken!

Do you guys actually go back through your previous posts and read them?  Well, I do and damn was that depressing.  There has been some heavy stuff going on I suppose, but I must admit that I feel a lot better after putting it out there.  For those of you who are tired of the pity posts and want more healthy weight loss loving.  Well, get ready…it’s coming!

You know, I haven’t weighed myself in a long time and haven’t noticed much difference in how my clothes fit, but I can honestly say that I don’t feel as energetic since I ended my  Crazy Sexy Cleanse and vegan routine all together.  I’m juicing less these days and eating more chicken.  Occasionally, fried, but not often.  Thank goodness!   My body isn’t happy with my food choices and she’s about to pull out a can of whoop ass.  Can’t blame her though.  That’s what happens when you fill your body up with sugar and fast food.

Lately,  a little voice in my head has been screaming, “Why are you eating chicken?  You don’t like it anymore and it makes you feel like shit.”  I use to think that I wouldn’t be able to let it go, but I’m almost convinced that my relationship with chicken is almost over.  I haven’t been much of a fan of beef and pork since high school so that’s not an issue.  Okay, so for me what this all boils down to is pressure from society.  My plate would look bare and abnormal without some type of meat or animal by-product, but I don’t really want it.  I would be just as satisfied with tofu and extra vegetables, but the problem is, that stuff gets boring.  How many ways can you cook tofu without it actually tasting, well, like tofu?

Enough, enough!  What am I going to do about feeling like dooky?  I need a challenge.  Lets see! How about 30 days of being vegetarian.  A whole grain, whole food kind of vegetarian.  Not the french fries, canned food, junk food type.  This would require tons of planning, grocery shopping, and recipe research.   I’m down with that!  I’m so down with this that I’ve already started.  Ahhhh Haaaa!

Dessert is still a challenge and will continue to be, but do you know what I’m getting?    A Golden Ticket!  Yep, Willy Wonka style.  It will be  my dessert pass for the week.  I haven’t placed a value on it in terms of calories, but when I whip out this baby, I can enjoy some sweet lovin’.  Ohhhhh, la la!


Healthy Journey!


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