The way I see it, every success and failure is another brick that creates the paths throughout your life’s journey.  Yes, pathssssss.  How can there be only one when we’re constantly changing and growing as a human being with life coercing through our veins?  Depending on how you choose to deal with the negative and positive things you experience will determine how funky and crazy each path will be paved.  Sometimes it will be smooth, straight and even, and at others, you’ll need a forklift to pull you out of the trenches, but as always, you are the navigator of your journey.

  • Don’t spend time worrying about who will join you along the way and if they will always be there.  No one ever said that this journey will be easy and you know, sometimes you may even find yourself alone and wanting companionship.  It’s human nature.   However, don’t lose yourself in the process of trying to satisfy others who don’t have an interest or respect your needs and concerns.  Especially if they don’t give a shit about your health.  Assholes!
  • Don’t waste energy on people who have no desire to bring value into your life and are only there to take it away from yours.   So what, if you have to break up with an abusive partner or take time out for yourself?  What you’ll gain in the end from making yourself stronger and healthier in every way will be sooooo worth it.
  • Hey, don’t waste your life away worrying about meaningless crap.  Get your motor running and get the hell out of Pittyland!

  • Fill your life with good and tasty things.  Yeah, kind of like a candy bowl, cookie jar, or an empty box of chocolates.  Fill your life with beautiful things, ideas, memories, and with healthy people.  I mean those who are mentally and socially healthy.  Physically healthy is good, but shouldn’t be a deal breaker when it comes to caring for another human being.  You may be the inspiration that they need to make healthier choices along their journey.  Who knows?
  • Acknowledge the bad shit.  It may have occurred for a reason, but let the shit go.  Holding onto it won’t prevent future hardships from happening.  Sometimes people  hold onto to negativity because they feel it shelters them from future pain.  It’s comfortable and familiar.  Don’t be afraid to move on with your life and become a stronger human being.  You have it in you!  You can do it and do it alone if you have to.

  • Learn how to forgive, but you don’t have to force yourself to forget.  How in the hell do you forget something tragic that has happened to you or having your heart-broken into a million pieces?  Don’t dwell on it, but find a way to turn that negative energy into something positive.  Remember the great times and then all of those bad times will become less dominant in your mind.
  • People, when you’re focused on beautiful and positive things in life, you don’t have time to waste focusing on nonsense and bullshit (I’m so like putting that on a t-shirt).
  • Appreciate every person who enters and exits your life for whatever reason because you’re bound to learn something from them.  Even the homeless guy who begs for change every morning on your way to work, the cashier at your local grocery, or even the handsome devil who said you weren’t good enough for him.
  • Eat something.  You’ll feel better.  Hunger can bring out the beast in anyone.
  • Dance in the nude when you’re alone and crank up the music.  Don’t let a little jiggle in the middle intimidate you.
  • Make love in the rain to someone you actually give a shit about.
  • Just Relax!

  • No matter who hates you or doesn’t love you back, love them anyway.  Why hide your strength and beauty?  Those jerks will miss you when you’re gone.  That kind of beauty is rare and irreplaceable.
  • Spend one morning in your life watching the sunrise on a beach while sipping your favorite coffee or tea.  Just for the hell of it.
  • Give back to your community and extend the love beyond.
  • Watch Saturday morning cartoons with your Rainbow Bright night-gown on or tighty whities while eating a bowl of Fruity Pebbles.
  • Eat your fruit and veggies.  The real, fresh stuff.
  • Take a dump.  You’ll feel better.

Healthy Journey!



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