Accounting 101

Are you holding yourself accountable for the debits and credits in your health account?  Seriously, are you honestly subtracting and adding up your calories without fudging the truth.  Maybe you forgot to credit that slice of chocolate cake or piece of sugar-free gum.  Did you debit a lot of calories because you managed to squeeze in just one 10 minute workout this week?   Yeah, I thought you may have forgotten SOMETHING.

Relax, I’m not the IRS trying to hunt you down for an audit of your food journal, but I do want to stress the importance of making yourself accountable.  It is so easy to lose focus and get off track when you’re counting carbs, calories, fat, or whatever.  I think it’s very common for people to over-estimate what’s they’re really eating.  The idea that we eat with our eyes first can be a horrible truth in most cases.  Also, mentally, it can be a drag trying keep up with counting in the midst of all that you have going on in your lives.  Geeeesh!  But when you hold yourself accountable for what you’re putting into your body and what you’re doing in regards to exercise, you’re no longer allowed to keep lying to yourself.  You have the truth right in front of you and boy is that thing hard to accept sometimes.  Five jelly donuts in two hours?  Yep, it happens, but the question is what are you going to do about it?  Focus on your goals and what you truly want.  I can promise you that Five jelly donuts won’t get you any closer to wearing that hot bikini on your next trip to the beach.  Now however, it might get you closer to having a date with EMS.

With that said, don’t be so hard on yourself either.  You have to live a little too, but don’t kid yourself.  Be honest and responsible.  If you have eaten really well and working out regularly, treat yourself every once in a while.  Choose a weekly treat and break it up throughout the week if you can handle that.  Maybe get a dark chocolate Snickers and cut it into 4 pieces, freeze them, and eat one from time to time.  This is one good way to get what you want and keeping the calories low.

Class dismissed.


Healthy Journey!



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