An IOU Blog…I’m Sorry! Part I

I’ve kind of been M.I.A. lately and my last blog was not the happiest of all, but hey, crap happens.  I haven’t forgotten you guys and I quickly realized that I’m behind on a lot of stuff.  You guys are overdue for a new Weigh-In Wednesday, Snack Attack Sunday on a Monday, Sexy Day Challenge, 5K workouts (my first 5K in years is June 30….whooohooo) and eating updates, and now the 365 Days of no BS and plastic bags fiasco.  I would blame my tardiness on work, but honestly, that’s just not the TRUTH.  Well, better late than never…here we go!



Height: 5’8

Current Weight: 160 (-10)

Starting Weight: 170

Goal Weight: 155

Goal Date: July 4th (11 days to go)


5K Workout Upadate:

I’ve been running most mornings except for this past week.  Running outside is much harder than getting on that treadmill thingy, but I’ve been pushing myself.  I’ve never ran a 5K on the treadmill before, that is until last Wednesday when I kicked ass at the gym.  I ran a full 5K without even breaking a sweat.  The hot guy next me definitely gave me the boost, besides, I didn’t want to look like I was punking out.

Running outside?  Well, I’m going up against North Carolina elements, heat and humidity.  Humidity during the summer starts very early in the morning and soon after mile one you just want to pass out.  I run about a mile and a half comfortably, but after that, walking breaks are needed.  I’m going to start filling my water bottle half way and freezing at night and then adding the rest of the water in the morning.

Strength training?  Well, that’s another story.



I’m still juicing, but just not as much.  I’ve been experimenting with different ingredients and loving the awesomeness of beets, carrots, and mango combined.  Hey, I might bottle that shit up and sell it. Oh, wait, I think it’s already been done.  Damnit!  Chicken and I have made up and become friends once again.  I’ve been eating quite a bit of it and I’m feeling the difference.  It’s definitely a lot more difficult to process dairy and meat.  It’s also very difficult to process key lime pie and 4 slices of pizza.  Guilty as charged!



Oh, boy!  Well, my original challenge was to wear my new bathing suit at the beach, but I never made it to the beach.  Instead, I’m going to wear shorts to the gym on Wednesday.  I don’t typically wear them because I hate the fact that they ride up my thighs.  Kind of sucks when you’re running and have to constantly pull those jokers down.  But hey, it’s an awesome way to show my new tattoo.  Yeah, baby!



Healthy Journey!


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