All Laced up With SomePlace to Go!

It’s official.  I’m registered and soon to be neon pink, laced, with a freshly pressed race number pinned to my Popeye the sailor man t-shirt (Because I’m strong to the finish…).  And are your ready for this?  I’ve actually been training.  Consistently training to exact.  Well, except for that one morning when I decided to get up at 6 a.m., put on my work out clothes, take out the trash, and then said to hell with it, I’m going back to bed.  That is the result of sleep deprivation.  It makes you do crazy things like sign up for a 5K in order to get a cool t-shirt and free bottled water.

That brings about a very good question.  Why do some people pay money to get up at the butt crack of dawn, run in the hot, blazing sun for hours, and get a pat on the back for “almost” finishing in their age group?  Why people?  Why do we do this?  Why do I do this?

Because it feels pretty damn good to cross that finish line and you better believe I’m not going to finish last.  I’m not a pusher, but you better get out of my way or else…

Seriously, there’s a sense of satisfaction, of accomplishment, when you set out to do something and you at least attempt it.  Although, finishing is so much f-ing better.  Sure, it would be great to be number one, but sometimes number one can be boring when it’s expected.  It loses its luster and shine after a while.  It’s not for everyone.  I like to run these races for the sense of community and inspiration.  I like knowing that I’m running next to some of the strongest people I may ever meet.  There will be cancer survivors, weight loss champions, diabetics, professionals, students, wannabe athletes, and then there’s me.  Your average….ummm, can’t think of a word, but anyway, I get a bit of a high when I join these things and if nothing else, I get the bragging rights of accomplishing my own dreams.  Captain of my own ship!  Navigator of my own journey!  Stripper of my own pole! Tigress of my own jungle….got me?

Healthy Journey!


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