Random Thoughts While Cleaning!

Time is the root of truth.  Sometimes we fear the truth and what it really says about who we are.  We’re afraid that if we speak it then all of our deepest secrets and imperfections will be revealed.  We’d stand naked and bathe in the pool of reality that we’ve been holding inside of ourselves for a very long time.

Time tells us the truth.  If we wait long enough we will discover the power of birth, the tragedy, heroic, beauty of death, or the dying affection of a lover’s kiss.  We may even find in time that we are no longer the people that we once thought ourselves to be.  Maybe we’re greater than our alter egos.  Maybe we’re too shy to even try to explore the idea.

Time teaches us to be grateful for every second, for every hug or kiss, for every smile given by a stranger, and every breath of fresh air we’re able to take.  If you’re afraid of the truth, it’s okay.  It just means you’re human!

Healthy Journey!


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