Weigh-In # Who Cares!

I’m just full of surprises today.  Every once in a while I take on a blog-a-thon just see how many interesting blogs I can post in one day.  So far, I think I’ve done maybe three in one sitting.  Doesn’t seem like a lot, but it is for someone who can not stand to sit for more than 10 minutes.  I’m definitely shooting for Gold today.

So it’s been a while since the revealing of those magic numbers and quite honestly, I haven’t given them much thought.  I know some of you are very curious to know what the evil scale has been up to so I thought I would give you a quick update.  Really, I don’t harbor any ill will against the scale, but I don’t weigh myself if I’m feeling heavy, performing my monthly woman duties (you get it), or in a good mood.  Why ruin a good thing?  I like to weigh myself when I’m curious.  Sometimes curiosity strikes me on Fridays or Sundays instead of Wednesdays, but if you like the way Weigh-In Wednesdays sounds when you say it then why not break the rules and make every weigh-in a Weigh-In Wednesday despite the day of the week.  It’s fun and people might think you need a little help, but you’ve got this!

Parting Words:  It’s doesn’t matter what direction the needle point on the scale is pointing just as long as your making progress in one way or another.  Don’t give up!

Enough ranting!  I’ve got a date with a green apple and a shower.  Drum roll, p-leaaaaaaaaase!

And yes, this weigh-in has been Chuck Norris approved.


Height: 5’8

Current Weight: 162 (-8)

Starting Weight: 170

Goal Weight: 155

Weekly Avg. Weight Loss: 1-2 pounds


Healthy Journey!


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