Sexy Day Challenge (June)

I’m going to make this post a little shorter than planned because some brainiac decided to throw her computer charger in the wash with the rest of her clothes this morning.  What an idiot!  (Yes, guilty as charged!)  Should’ve had a v8!

Last weekend I taunted and titillated as I wore a form-fitting dress for May’s Sexy Day Challenge.  I guess you can say I just couldn’t wait to get started on the next big challenge.  Bathing suit season!  Yep, yesterday I bought a bathing suit.  It’s the first bathing suit that I will wear as an adult.  A 29 year-old adult.  I figured, I’m digging the way the Spanx are holding everything in, what if I’m able to find a bathing suit that does the same thing?  Fortunately, my girly side kicked in and I sauntered off to the mall in search of a magical one piece  because two pieces are still a little intimidating.  Some day I’ll make it happen, but for now, I’m going to enjoy this cute little blue hottie before I change my mind.

Interesting concept. I don’t want to tell too much of my business, but there are times when I have no problems walking around in the nude and feeling confident in the company of the opposite sex, but for some reason, the idea of wearing a bathing suit is downright scary.  I’ve gone to nude beaches several times and have seen an array of body shapes.  Some attractive, some not as much, but none-the-less, these people were beautiful and inspiring.  Honestly, I think an ill fitted bathing suit maybe the reason I’ve been a little chicken shhhhhh.  Although, I think I’ve found the one when it comes to this blue little number.  Ladies and Gentleman, say hello to my little friend!!!!



Rule 1: Accept this challenge by posting ” I’m Sexy and I know It (Your Blog Name)” as a comment for this post.

Rule 2:  Pick a Sexy Day in each month until December 2012 to challenge yourself.

Rule 3: Decide what you will do for an entire HOUR, what you would like to celebrate/acknowledge about yourself.  How will you carry it out?

Rule 4:  Stand butt-bald-naked in front of a mirror the morning of your Sexy Day and repeat after me: “I AM BEAUTIFUL, I AM STRONG, I AM DESERVING, I AM WORTH THE INVESTMENT, and I’M SEXY and I KNOW IT.”  (If this doesn’t motivate you then nothing else will….just joking.  Say whatever makes you feel empowered and confident or even a sexy wink will suffice.)

Rule 5: Take a picture of you on your Sexy Day and post it on your blog along with a short description about what you are celebrating, what you did, and how you feel. (Optional)


Healthy, Sexy Journey!


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