Sexy Day Challenge (May): All Spanxed Up!

My Sexy Day Challenge:  

  • Wear body hugging dress for one hour in public.
  • The dress can not be black.
  • Wear high heels no shorter than 3″ (NO PROBLEM).
  • And yes, Spanx are definitely allowed.

So, that was my mission for Sexy Day Challenge for the month of May.  I have to admit that I did break one rule and that was the second one.  I saw this hot little black dress that hugged all of my curves in the right places and what can I say, I couldn’t resist its charm?  Well, apparently I wasn’t the only one because the dress was a big hit.  Honestly, I felt just as sexy in the Spanx because it was comfortable and very appealing.  I definitely wore the entire get-up for more than one hour, lets see, I wore it more like 12.  To top it all off, I chose to do the challenge on the day of my 29th birthday.  Thanks to a special someone, who will probably check out this post later, I had an amazing birthday weekend and super Sexy Day, Sexy Night Challenge!  Get your minds out of the gutter, People!

Oh, yeah! To add further spice to my super-hot weekend.  I got inked.  Yep, my very first tattoo with many more to come!  Hot Damn!

Let’s keep it sexy, ya’ll!


Healthy-Sexy Journey!


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