The Hunger Games: Are You Predator or Prey?

I went for a run yesterday morning with a few goals in mind, but as always, I like to go above and beyond whenever possible.  Every little piece of motivation is needed during times like this and boy did I get it in the most primal way.  A cat crossed ahead of me on the sidewalk with a live mouse in his mouth.  He looked both ways before crossing the street and then walked into a front yard with a little pep in his step.  This cat was motivated and focused.   This cat had swagger.  This cat had a goal and so did I.  Not just a fitness goal, but professionally as well.  I saw the cat-mouse scenario as a metaphor.  When it comes to your dreams do you sometimes fall victim to the challenge (in this case, the squirming mouse a.k.a. food)  or are you the master of your destiny (the victorious feline)?  Do you chase after your dreams like those damn things stole something or do you fall to the floor in a fetal position as if the world is going to end in 5…4…3…2…WTF?  Are you hungry for success?

I’ve come close to punking out during some of my morning runs because I’ve encountered some very nasty hills, but oddly enough, I love the chase.  I love to push myself to conquering them.  I actually hunt them down, but I guess you could say I’m a thrill seeker when it comes to this sort of thing and when I see a juicy hill in sight, my eyes light up, a huge smile comes across my face, and I leap with joy.  Not only is it a kick ass workout, but kind of metaphoric in a sense.  Sometimes I sing a tune as I near the peak.  

In life, we encounter hills (dreams, challenges) that aren’t so steep and those that aren’t as easy to conquer, but doesn’t it feel pretty damn good when you’ve given it your best?  Without challenge or change, there is no growth.  If there’s room for creativity and self-exploration, then allow it to happen.  Take risks, but reasonable ones, folks!  If the consequences are too great, you have to determine if the challenge will be worth the risk.  Are you game for jumping out of an airplane or will you punk out of getting a tiny tattoo on your ankle (my birthday challenge)?

The way I view creativity and taking chances is that you don’t want to have the same expectations as everyone else.  What happens if you color outside of the lines?  Will you get shot for doing the robot to a country song instead of line dancing?  Life isn’t a mathematical equation or biology experiment that needs a hypothesis or absolute conclusion.  There are boundaries, but you have to know when to cross them, how to cross them, where to cross, and how to as well (This is starting to sound like some Kenny Rogers song).  It’s like J-walking if you will.  Crosswalks are there for a reason, but every once in a while you just have to take a leap of faith and cross the street without a bleeping sign telling you to.  Sometimes we do things out of order and completely unexpected and that’s okay!


Where would we be as a human race if no one had ever attempted to climb Mt. Everest or walk on the moon or sat in a segregated diner during the Civil Rights Movement and were spit on for wanting to drink a soda inside of a white’s only establishment?  Someone had a dream to be different, to want change, to see what it’s like on the other side of ordinary, and look at us now?  If you have a dream to change the world, who’s stopping you?  You should not fall victim to whatever obstacle or challenge you may face in life.  You are the boss.  You own your dreams.  Let those challenges know whose boss and make them give you respect.  Spank ’em, whip ’em, love it, and enjoy the hell out of the process.

I actually think about a lot of the photos I’ve included in this blog while I’m out an about.  What’s life without a little humor?  Republicans, Democrats, aliens, and people of the human race….DISFRUTAR!


Healthy Journey!


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