I Wanna Win!

If you’ve worked a job where daily quotas must be met, no if-ands-or-asses about it, then you must know the frustration of trying to meet them.  This morning, I got out of bed craving a morning run.  I just had to hit the pavement and get things moving because I’m not very physically active at work and once again the weather was amazing.  Work has been going great for the past week and I’ve met almost every expectation.  In matter of fact, last week I was number one in my department surprising everyone including myself.  That is, until this morning…

For hours I did not have any success at work.  Everyone around me celebrated, smiled and laughed as they did their thing and for the first time ever, I was the one who was far behind, limping, and dragging.  I was the underdog.  Then, all of a sudden, Nacho spoke to me.   I suppose some people believe that God speaks to them during their times of need, but today, God was relaxing on a beach far, far, away.  That’s cool!  Even the big guy needs a break from time to time, but Nacho came to my rescue and he put this one thought into my head:

“I don’t want to get paid to lose. I wanna win!”

That has to be one of my favorite quotes from the best movie ever.  Yeah, that’s right. “Nacho Libre,” is one of the most super-awesomess-crazy-random cliches of all time.  My motivation for skipping breaks and going to lunch late so that I could not only meet my daily quota, but accomplish my personal goals as well.  And do you know what happened when I got tired of being paid to lose and wanted to win?  Yep, I made it happen.  Not only did I make it happen, I exceeded my goals and all I had to do was listen to Nacho.  That guy, he’s some kind of wonderful isn’t he?  Muchas gracias, Nacho!

Healthy Journey!


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