Helloooooo, Green Day!

Well, it’s Sunday again and for me, the official first day of fasting on this Crazy Sexy Diet cleanse.  This means that today I will drink nothing but green juice, tea, water, and maybe have a raw soup, salad, or lightly sautéed vegetables for dinner.  I will admit that I am a bit nervous because first thing this morning my stomach growled like thunder.  I wasn’t that hungry, but I think my body is getting back on track.  NO MORE FEELINGS OF CONSTANT FULLNESS!  Before I use to wake up everyday feeling like I had just eaten a Thanksgiving feast.  It felt like I was carrying a bowling ball in my stomach.  Food babies are not always fun!

However, despite the thunder, I got up, brushed my teeth, put on my gym clothes, and headed out for a very long walk.  I didn’t map out my route for the morning because it’s freakin’ Sunday and the weather here is awesome.  Why ruin the journey with plans?  I just wanted to see where I would end up and try not to get eaten by big bad wolves.  I enjoyed listening to the birds sing, although, one of those little birdies lost their home that was later flattened by someone’s car (What a JERK!).  I walked down streets with gorgeous houses that looked like they came right out of Good Housekeeping magazine.  In matter of fact, I passed a house that I like to refer to as the Guru.  Now the landscaping is ridiculous.  I wanted to actually do yoga and meditate in their front yard because it’s that inviting.  I would have if it wasn’t against the law and who wants to spend such a beautiful day behind bars while waiting for one collect call?  “Not, I,” said the curious wanderer.

Lately, I’ve been very tired from work and all of the time I’ve been going to the grocery store to purchase more produce.  I’m at a point where I don’t need to put everything on a grocery list for the juice, but I feel like I live in that place.  In order to keep the produce fresh, I shop every other day.  I also share the refrigerator with two other people so this prevents me from having a lot of space.  Once I’ve shopped, unpacked my groceries, I have to sort through the giant pile of green lovelies, rinse, chop, and smash.  This whole process takes about one hour and in the end, I produce two liters of green love juice.  It’s not a lot in comparison to how much produce I use, but you learn not to drink more than you should because this shit takes a lot of time to make.

In the beginning, I was very frustrated, but now, I look at it differently.  It’s kind of therapeutic when I think about it.  When I look at all of those beautiful greens, watermelon, papaya, and, berries for added color, it makes me smile.  Well, I like to hum a little too.  I think about the good stuff that I will put into my body and how I’m finally taking control of my health.  I don’t know how long this feeling will last, but I hope that it at least gets me through Green Day!  Maybe I should stay away from people during this time because hunger has the ability to turn some us into possessed demons.

Healthy Journey!


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