Where Does the Time Go?

You know the old adage, “Time Flies When You’re Having Fun?” But seriously, what happens to childhood?  What happens to youth? Whatever happened to the ‘I-don’t-want-to-grow-up-and-technically-speaking-I’m-not-quite-yet-old-enough-to-be-considered-a-moocher’ phase?  Did we throw it in the trash by accident or leave it in the backseat of a former lover’s beat-up hooptie?  I’ve been telling everyone that in two weeks I will turn 29 years-old, but when I looked at the calendar last night, I realized that I was lying my ass off.  The 27th is only eight days away.  (Can you say denial!) Not only am I getting older, but my brain seems to be feeling the effects of aging as well.

As if I need further validation that I’m no longer a teenage hottie, my niece decided that she wanted to get a tattoo for her 18th BIRTHDAY.  EIGHTEENTH BIRTHDAY!  That was two years ago.  In just four months, she will turn 20.  I remember when she was just a baby.  Ay Caramba!

That’s cool!  I’ve had a lot of bad and a lot of super awesome moments in 28 years of living and from what I can see out of my magic crystal ball, there’s going to be many more awesome moments!  I’d rather have fun and catch whiplash from the passing of time rather than living in misery over the would-of-should-of-could-ofs.  Yep, looks like my bucket list is only going to get longer!

Healthy Journey!


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