Vegan FAIL!!!!

Yesterday was a beautiful day, I mean, how could it not be?  It was Mother’s Day, one of the most awesome events of the year.  It’s a time to celebrate the lovely ladies who have raised such wonderful and maaaaaaaaaaaarvelous human beings.  It’s also a day of roses, tulips, and CAKE.  It was also the day that my parents met ChaCha, my cute little juicer.  No words could express the look of confusion and amazement on my father’s face as I pushed two big bowls of fresh produce down the shute that only yielded a mouthful of juice.  My mom’s expression?  Well, she could care less.  IT’S MOTHER’S DAY, WHO CARES ABOUT CHACHA, the JUICER.  However, there will be questions at a later time you can bet your tail.

So I’m still juicing and enjoying the results, yes indeedy.  A two-pound loss of something is definitely a plus after all of the hell that I’ve gone through just to get a drop of juice from 20 pounds of lettuce and as usual there is always temptation.  Mother’s-Day-CAKE temptation.  Homemade CAKE temptation.  Maybe cake is not the exact word I’m looking for.  I should probably invent a new word for my homemade creation considering the fact that I pretty much burnt it while try make more of the green stuff.  Let’s call it a CaCookie.  A carrot cake center with a hard, carrot-cake-cookie exterior.  Crispy on the outside and dry in the middle, but hey, I GOT JUICE.  Two liters to be exact.  So if you had your choice between snacking on a CaCookie with bangin’ cream cheese frosting or drinking green stuff, which do you think your taste buds would choose?  Duh, they’re going for the green stuff, right?  Yeah, in your dreams!  I promised myself that I would only “sample” a piece and then go back to my green juice fast, but some things are just easier said than done.  Logic is not always available when you need her.  In matter of fact, Logic went on vacation and Temptation took over.  I ate all things sweet and neat until I realized that I just didn’t enjoy the cake, the cookies, and the candies like I use to. I felt as if I was betraying my body and slowing down my progress.  I used a special day to justify my actions and in the end, giving into the temptation was not worth it.  It just made me feel like a cheat.  However, this is not the time for a beat down.  I accepted my moment of weakness, grabbed my bottle of juice, and continued with the rest of my day, but only after I finished the ice cream sandwich my father had secretly stashed in the back of the freezer.

So what?  I left veganhood for vegetarian safety.  I didn’t eat a pig or have a cow (I love Bart Simpson), I just got off track a little bit before I crashed.  What’s a journey without a little adventure?

Healthy Journey!


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