Snack Attack Sunday on a Monday

Beverage of the Week:

SYNERGY Cherry Chia Kobucha

Calories per serving: 75 per 8 fl. oz.

Fat: 3 g per serving

Taste: Sweet, Tangy, Bubbly, and Slimy (due to chia seeds), Rich

Flavors/Ingredients: G.T.’s organic raw kombucha (fermented beverage made of tea and bacteria cultures), raw chia seeds, cherry juice, and 100% pur love

Health Features: Organic and raw, helps with digestion, and ridding the body of toxins, contains healthy microorganisms, vegan friendly

Cost: $3.00-4.00

Purchased at: Most major grocery and health food stores

My Observation: I don’t know if this beverage counts as a “snack,” but it’s definitely something worth trying at least once.  I’m always looking for an adventure so when I saw this crazy looking beverage with the RAW and ORGANIC label and hundreds of little seeds floating around inside a beautiful glass bottle (save the bottle and use for something else like a flower vase or juice jar), I just had to try it.  First of all, I expected it to be really sweet, a little crunchy because of the seeds, but I was not prepared for what I discovered once I took the first sip.  The chia seeds were very slimy, but added a wow factor to the beverage.  There was a touch of carbonation, not quite soda-like, but just enough to add a kick.  I’m assuming the acidity is a result of the fermentation process.  The cherry flavor is very pronounced and refreshing.  This is definitely a drink that you take your time to sip and savor.  It took me three days to finish it, but I really enjoyed the uniqueness and texture.

Healthy Journey!


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