Sexy Day Challenge Reminder

Hear yee, Hear yee!  To all of my fellow Sexy Day challengers, I want to remind you that we have two more weeks to get our sexy on for just one day and one hour in the month of May.  I’ve chosen May 27 (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ME!!!) to be my Sexy day.

My Sexy Day Challenge:  

  • Wear body hugging dress for one hour in public.
  • The dress can not be black.
  • Wear high heels no shorter than 3″ (NO PROBLEM).
  • And yes, Spanx are definitely allowed.

It’s not too late to join the rest of us on this awesome challenge.  (Yes, YOU!!!! You know you wanna!)  If you’re not familiar with the rules then feast your eyes on the knowledge below:



Rule 1: Accept this challenge by posting ” I’m Sexy and I know It (Your Blog Name)” as a comment for this post.

Rule 2:  Pick a Sexy Day for each month until December 2012.

Rule 3: Decide what you will do for an entire HOUR, what you would like to celebrate/acknowledge about yourself.  How will you carry it out?

Rule 4:  Stand butt-bald-naked in front of a mirror the morning of your Sexy Day and repeat after me: “I AM BEAUTIFUL, I AM STRONG, I AM DESERVING, I AM WORTH THE INVESTMENT, and I’M SEXY and I KNOW IT.”  (If this doesn’t motivate you then nothing else will….just joking.  Say whatever makes you feel empowered and confident.)

Rule 5: Take a picture of you on your Sexy Day and post it on your blog along with a short description about what you are celebrating, what you did, and how you feel.


Healthy Journey!


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