Is the Juice Worth the Squeeze?

Sometimes life gives you lemons.  Sometimes it gives you flowers.  Sometimes it gives you hangovers with a side of heartburn, but whatever your life gives, be sure to just “make juice.”  No, seriously!  I’ve been thinking a lot about how I have evolved over the years.  I thought about the good, the bad, the ugly, and the WTFs, but one thing that I have learned from all of it is that no matter what I’ve been through it has made me a stronger and wiser person.

There are so many things that I want to do with my life, but one thing that is holding me back from doing these things other than financial freedom is physical energy.  Too many sleepless and stressful nights in college, burning the midnight oil, working graveyard shifts, and feeding my body a bunch of crap has caught up with me and I absolutely hate it.  I honestly believe that my body parts are having a meeting with Osmosis Jones and his disease fighting friends to determine how to handle all of the junk that I’ve been putting into my body because my body is on autopilot.  However, instead of walking around with sour-lemon face, I’ve decided to make juice.  Yesterday I welcomed a baby Juiceman juicer into my family.  I actually skipped to my car with juicer in hand when I left the store.  I’m a skipper, People! What else can I say?  It makes me happy.

After reading the book, CrazySexyDiet and watching the documentary, Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead, I decided to give the juicing/vegan life a try.  I will take on the 21 Day Cleanse in the CrazySexyDiet book in hope that I will feel better and feel less heavy.  When I say that I feel heavy I don’t mean that I feel like I’ve gained 30 pounds.  I am saying that my body feels overworked and worn down physically and emotionally.  I think this is a wake up call for me and it’s right on time.  For years I’ve been denying that there is a little vegan/vegetarian that lives deep down inside of me, but I’ve always bought into the idea that eating vegetables alone is no way to live, however, after doing a lot of research I have to admit that there is so much more to it.  There are so many options and creative ways to eat vegetables and fruit and although I have always eaten them, they’ve always taken a backseat to meat, breads, and desserts.  What if the tables were turned and vegetables became the Star?  Would that be such a bad thing?


Healthy Journey!



3 thoughts on “Is the Juice Worth the Squeeze?

    • Thank you. I will definitely read these. I’m excited about this process. I know it’s going to be challenging, but the reward will be awesome. I hope! Thanks, again!

      • you’re welcome… good luck… I think she was a little extreme in her fast — but then again, I really know very little about juice fasts. I’m not sure if she consulted a doctor before or during (I don’t think so, if I remember… I read all of the juice posts).

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