Two Weeks, Gluten-Free Challenge: Results

Wait…you guys didn’t even know that I had taken on a gluten-free challenge.  Well, I’ve kind of alluded to this in some of my other blogs, but for the past two weeks I have gone gluten-free due to tummy troubles. Instead of announcing it to the world I just decided to DO IT because I was tired of saying what I was going to do without actually making the effort.  Wednesday marked the end of my short gluten-free challenge and I am loving the results.  I feel so much better and I’ve even lost weight.  Thursday I decided to add bread and cookies to my diet again and my body is not happy about it.  I’m starting to feel the bubbles and grumbles, but not as bad as before.  If nothing else, I think my sensitivity to gluten is mild, but enough to make me think about making more permanent changes to my diet.  I’m definitnly interested in juicing and going vegan for a month or so just to simplify my diet.

I don’t think we realize how hard our bodies have to work in order to process the food that we eat and if you’re eating crappy food all of the time then it has to work even harder.  I’m listening to my body now and it’s telling me to get off of the white cracks (sugar and flour).  I’ve never been much of a meat eater so I don’t think it will take much effort to let that go, but finding substitutes that are satisfying will be a challenge.  Let the choir sing:

‘Beans, beans, good for your heart, the more you eat the more your fart….’

Sound familiar?


Healthy Journey!


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