Okay, so lets not be too quick to judge.  When I first heard the phrase, CrazySexyCancer, I said, “What in the hell is that all about?”  I knew that if someone had the balls to include sexy in the same sentence as the word cancer, they must be out of their mind or a complete genius.  Well, I must admit that I think Kris Carr is a bit of both, but damn this woman is SEXY as hell.  I mean this not in a sexual way, but her perspective of life after being diagnosed with an incureable cancer is very liberating.  She’s fearless, vulnerable, and human in every possible way and by-George, she’s my Guru.  

I’ve gone into several bookstores with the intention of purchasing the CrazySexyDiet book, but I kept telling myself that I didn’t need to spend money right now on something I’m not going to follow.  Yeah, yeah! I know it’s not just another “diet” book, but if you’ve read some of my recent posts you will find that I’m not a huge advocate of buying expensive diet books, that take too much time to read in which you will probably gain another five pounds before reaching the final chapter, and then finally you’re dead broke from the extensive shopping list that is recommended.  However, this book was different because I’ve been considering juicing and vegan life for sometime now.  I thought: “Are you crazy?  Black girls don’t go vegan (stereotypical BS).”  Then I thought: “What do you have to lose?  Are you afraid of feeling better and living longer if it works or are you more afraid of what other people think about you?”  Hey, hey, hey!  Hold on there, I am not a punk.  BRING IT ON!

What do I have to lose besides the 25 bucks I spent on this vegan bible?  Well, people, I’m going to find out soon enough.  I’ve decided to give the 21-day body a shot and you’re going on this journey with me.  I am absolutely clueless about what to eat now that my body has decided that my old eating habits are no longer acceptable.  Wheat?  You’re outta here!  Sugar?  Our affair is about to end (ummm, just let me have one more cupcake…pleasssse!).  Dairy?  I love you, but I’m not in love with you.  Sorry.  Meat?  We’ve been friends for a long time, but sometimes you’re mean to me and tofu is so much better.  At least that’s how I feel now.  Hellooooooooo, legumes!  I’m not for sure if this will be a lifetime commitment, but I think it’s worth a try.

Healthy CrazySexyJourney!


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