Death in a Loaf Pan

I’ve been very hush-hush lately about my diet and exercise goals, but I think it’s time that I open up my big mouth.  Today is my one week gluten-free anniversary.  YAAAAAAY!  I decided to give this a try basically because I noticed that whenever I would eat a bunch of cookies, cake,  or bread in general, I felt horrible afterwards.  I’m sure the fact that I ate my fair share of junk didn’t help either, but I knew that it was more than just about how MUCH I was eating.  I was suffering from horrible stomach pains and unable to eat more than two bites of food before feeling full, but now that I’ve cut out the wheat and foods that may contain traces of it, I’m eating like crazy now.  Well, the good stuff.  I’m actually getting hungry and back to eating 5-6 small meals throughout the day every 3-4 hours.  I’m going to go gluten-free for at least another week, but I have to admit that I’m a little scared to introduce it back into my body.  Wheat and I go way back.  We’ve courted for many years, but now I think it’s time for me to move onto to something else that is much nicer to my body and brain such as quinoa and brown rice.  I actually eat brown rice with dried fruit, almond milk, and nuts for breakfast instead of oatmeal and I really I like it.  It’s like eating rice pudding for breakfast.  Yummm, yummm!  Now that my tummy feels better, I think it’s safe to say that I’ve lost a little weight.  I’ve been skipping weigh-ins because of the way wheat was making me feel, but don’t fret, people, Weigh-In Wednesdays are coming back.

As far as working out, well I’m not going go to kid you.  I’ve been counting walking to and from the bathroom as part of my work out routine.  Seriously!  I’m on the retail diet which basically means all of the walking and climbing that I do at work for my customers and boss is quite the calorie burn, but I know that’s not enough.  However, this week, I’ve been very active with running and walking.  I commute to and from work which means that I may spend well over 3 hours in the car in just one day.  I’m between homes right now, but I have been mindful in locating the best walking trails and parkways in whatever town I’m in so there aren’t many excuses allowed.  For the past month or so I have been doing crunches and boy push ups everyday with the goal of doing this until my 29th birthday next month.  I have noticed that my arms are toned, my chest feels stronger, and I actually get pissed at myself if I forget to do them.  I will jump out of bed at 1 in the morning to get ‘er done, but I always feel good afterwards.  Hey, you’ve got to start somewhere!

Healthy Journey!


3 thoughts on “Death in a Loaf Pan

  1. Whoo! Congrats on going Gluten-free! I have been tempted to try it just to see how my body reacts…though I have never had a bad reaction to eating it… I just would like to see if it would be better for me? haha Anyway I hope once things get settled you can get back into a routine! 3 hours of driving can wipe you out! I always feel ready for a nap haha

    • I’m apartment hunting right now and hoping to move closer to work so that I can bike, walk, or roller blade once I learn how to do it. Lol. I hear there are some disadvantages on going gluten-free, but I think in my case it was the best decision I could have made. I was beginning to freak out because I didn’t know what to eat. I think I’m going in the right direction now.

      • Whoo hoo! I definitely want to get back into bike riding. I used to do it all the time when I was younger and I really miss it. It was such a great family activity! And I am glad.. food shouldn’t attack you like that! It should make you feel energized!!

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