Snack Attack Sunday on Monday: Dark and Oh So Lovely

Snack of the Week:

Soyummi Dark Chocolate Pudding

Calories per serving: 110

Fat: 3 g container

Taste: Dark chocolate flavor with perfect sweetness.  Not too much.

Flavors/Ingredients: Purified Water, Whole Organic Soybeans, Beet Syrup, Pure Cocoa Powder, Organic Rice Starch, and other natural flavors

Health Features: Natural, gluten-free, dairy free, Vegetarian, Naturally sweetened

Cost: $3.00

Purchased at: Most major grocery and health food stores

My Observation: Just happened to walk by the yogurt section of my favorite grocery store and saw the awesome packaging and sale price.  Honestly, the texture maybe a little off for some of you because it’s made out of soy and not milk, but for the great features and benefits of this little snack, you may find it absolutely perfect.  If not, well, you can’t blame me.

Healthy Journey!


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