Kick the Funk


I rolled out of bed this morning feeling kind of funky.  Well, I was in a funky mood.  It’s the kind of funk that leaves you restless and quite honestly, crazy.  Only one thing takes care of that kind of funk and that’s a good morning run.  I refused to stay in bed and let the day pass me by without saying hello to such a glorious day.  I laced up, set a goal, and hit the ground running.

One of my bucket list goals is to run 15 minutes outside without stopping.  Running outside is much more challenging than running on a treadmill or inside in general.  When you take on Mother Nature, you’re forced to handle the elements: noise, uneven pavement, pleasant distractions with tattoos and gladiator abs, screaming birds, and dodging dog poop.  You know, the more time I spend outside in the morning, the less time I want to stay at home stuffing my face while watching Dr. Phil.  People, this morning I was on fire.  I accomplished my goal and I wanted more.

I’m not very consistent with my work outs, which is a major “no-no” in terms of the progress of my journey, but I am moving beyond my comfort zone.  I do push ups and crunches everyday and try to stay active in other ways, but I really miss being athletic.  I have to get my head back into the game and my morning run was just the motivation I needed.

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12 thoughts on “Kick the Funk

  1. You crack me up. I hate running into those scantily clad gladiators. I don’t do Dr. Phil but give me a Dr. Oz and a bag of popcorn and I am good for about an hour.

    • I love Dr. Phil, but some of the topics he covers are very depressing. Dr. Oz and I are lovers. I could watch his show all day. Lol. For me, the problem with watching one show is that I will watch a dozen more back to back. Thank you for viewing my post. You’re doing a great job with your weight loss. You’re awesome!

  2. GO YOU! You kick that funky mood in the FACE. Running outside is killer. I have just managed to run a mile outside and that still kills me…I really want to get to the point where I can run a 5K without wanting to cry…haha

    • I’ve done several 5Ks and what I found is that I get stronger and run better with every race. I just want to run the whole thing without taking walking breaks. Someday, someday! 🙂

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