A Titleless Post from a Clueless Blogger

I am absolutely clueless about what to say to you today.  I managed to get my lazy butt out the door this morning for a quick run and a little fun in the sun, which was very helpful.  I needed the energy so that I could come back and do more job hunting.  What a pain in the bootaaaaay!  Job hunting is a major stress factor for me these days, but I’m hanging in there.  I really hope I find something to do soon because boredom is not an option nor is going broke.  In the meantime, I’m going to train for a few local 5Ks to keep myself motivated.  I’ve been dying to run another 5K and it’s been well over three years since my last one.

I love running here!

I love the way it feels on race day when the volunteer gives me my number tag and safety pins at the registration table.  That moment right there makes me a winner in my eyes because I actually showed  up, but it gets even better.  Once you join the rest of the crowd, take in your competition, and find your place, the excitement grows.  On the outside, you’re keeping your cool, but on the inside, you want everyone to eat your dust.  My strategy is to pass the slowest people out there and my goal is not to finish last.  Simple!  I’m not a very strong runner, but I’m a bit competitive.  Every small accomplishment means a lot to me and people, in my mind that makes me a winner, not because I finished first or I’ve broken some world record thingy, but simply because I showed up and I gave it my best.  I’m there to have fun, meet new people, and break my own personal record.  Out of 27 runners in my age group at my last race, I came in at 21 in 36:54 minutes.  I’m not happy about that at all.  I am definitely determined to do much better.

What am I going to do about it?  I’m going to hit the ground running.  Ideally, I would like to run at least 3 days a week and add strength training to my routine.  I’ve been enjoying my Pilates sessions and noticing a difference in the way my body feels afterwards, but I must admit, it’s kind of boring.  You know, I may just go insane.  No, seriously!  I’m definitely in the mood for a little Shaun T’s, Insanity workout.

What do you guys do to get into shape?


Healthy Journey!


2 thoughts on “A Titleless Post from a Clueless Blogger

  1. I tried to do a “Flatten your Belly” work out I found in Men’s Health Magazine today. It kicked my butt. So, I guess I am still trying to get in shape. I followed that up with a quick 2 mile run. Then found out I forgot my towel. That’s another story but, I kind of feel sorry for my co-workers (not really).

    • Lol. I actually started my health kick by reading Men’s Health because I wanted to encourage my father to eat better. I treat myself to Women’s Health, but I must admit, the work outs in those magazines are awesome. I like to combine strength training with cardio a few times a week. It’s funny because I just canceled my gym membership and I now workout more at home than I ever did at the gym. Keep up the good work, I’m very inspired 🙂

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