Weigh-In #5: Somewhere In Between!

Once again, I am late, but there’s no need to worry.  People, the numbers are in…

I weighed myself last Thursday and saw that my weight had dropped from 168 to 166, but this morning the number on the scale was back at 168.  I’m pretty sure that water retention is to blame, but I feel lighter so I’m sticking to 166 until next Wednesday at least.  I’m not following a specific plan or exercising excessively, but I’ve been trying to eat leaner, cleaner, and only when I’m hungry.  When I first started my weight loss journey about eight years ago, I was very much a fan of eating several mini meals throughout the day right on schedule, but overtime my body has adjusted.  Naturally I feel hungry every 3-4 hours, but sometimes I feel hungry before that time.  So what do I do when this happens?  I eat, but not too much.  Just enough to calm the ravenous beast, but if I need more, I choose lighter options and plenty of water.  There have been a few days here and there when I jot down what I am eating throughout the day if I feel that things are getting out of control.  I love the idea of intuitive eating because our bodies are forever changing and in need of a little fine tuning.  You know what I mean?  As far as working out?  I’ve started running and walking more and adding Pilates to my routine twice a week.  I’m still trying to get myself into the habit of getting my eight hours of sleep each night and drinking 2 liters of water everyday, but what can I say?


Current Weight: 166 (-4)

Starting Weight: 170

Goal Weight: 155

Weekly Avg. Weight Loss: 1-2 pounds


Healthy Journey!


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