Weigh-In #4: Surprise, Surprise!

Sorry, I forgot to post yesterday, but here we are again.  Back on the scale.  Waiting and weighing!  Drum Roll, please!

Yep, no change!  I’m not going to pretend that I’m clueless as to why the number didn’t go down, but I think it has to do a little with my recent move and trying to find some sort of stability in my chaotic life as always.  It’s a good thing for me when the scale doesn’t go up because that means that I’m at least doing something right.  Well, sorta.  No sweat, people!  But I have good news!  I finally drank 2 liters of water yesterday.  Yaaaaaaaay!  That was a great victory for me.  I’m not quitting just yet or how about ever.  I’m a lean-mean-fighting-machine who has a slight addiction to all things sugary and fluffy.  What can I say?  Maybe all of that sweet stuff I’m eating makes me a little sweet too!

Healthy Journey!


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