Weigh-In #3: Ummmmm!

Today I will not focus on the number on the scale, well, because I don’t have a scale at the moment.  It is mixed in with my moving boxes and I did not think to take it out for this special day, but I am happy to report that I still feel the same as I did last Wednesday.  My eating habits are still horrific and I will not make excuses for it because this is all a work in progress.  I am a rebel with limits at heart and always will be….and I love it (devilish grin).  Sure, it gets me into trouble sometimes, but it also keeps me on my toes.  If I want to have a cupcake for breakfast well then I’ll eat and love it, but I’m eating something healthy for lunch and dinner.  If I want to skip a workout today, I’ll go even harder tomorrow.  I believe in checks and balances.  If I continue to say this to myself, I will eventually believe it.


Healthy Journey!


3 thoughts on “Weigh-In #3: Ummmmm!

  1. I am 140 pounds for the pass 1 year. I recently started trying to lose 10 pounds. No matter how much smaller my body feels or being able to fit into jeans I wasn’t able to before, the scale is still reading 140. Haha!… I wish you luck on your journey.

    • Those last 10 or so pounds are the hardest to lose. I could have lost the weight a loooooong time ago, but I’ve been enjoying eating everything in sight. I mainly want to lose the last few pounds in order to feel better and to live healthier. Good luck with your journey too and thank you for viewing my blog! 🙂

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