NOmad with a touch of Recession Living!


‘…And I can’t wait to get on the road again…On the road again.”  Thank you very much Mr. Willie Nelson for that awesome classic and much-needed introduction.

Well, friends, I’m moving again!  I know you’re not familiar with my living situation, but basically I decided to move to a different city after graduating from college when I was not able to find work in my college town.  Once I moved to the new city, that is where my adventure into nomad living became very strange, sad, and mind-blowing.

(In one breath I am saying this to you…ready, set, GO!)  While living in the new city, I moved in with family for about a month, but moved out in order to maintain peace and then I rented a room from some crazy chick who decided that she and her four-year old son should sleep on the sofa in their living room while she rented out all of the bedrooms in her home (including hers) to complete strangers without conducting background checks, she was also convinced that if her son had a social life it was the devil’s way of making new friends, and in her eyes women who work and send their children to school are looking for an excuse to NOT spend time with them, and there is so much more, but who cares about that now. I packed my bags and flew out of there like a back out of hell.  Even that was not fast enough for me!

I must move on to better and lucrative ($) things.  And oh, yeah…I’m not a moocher!  I have a job, folks!  Just not one that pays enough, but the good news is that will change very soon, which is why I am moving back to my college town! What is it about that place that keeps sucking me in?  I think it’s all PIRATE spirit!  (Sorry, I had a school spirit moment!) ARRRRRRRRRRGHHH!

Even throughout all of this craziness and stress, I have managed to lose weight and to focus on staying healthy.  It’s important that I continue to have a strong foundation that is portable meaning that no matter where I am, certain food rules will stay with me.  Your lifestyle changes must be adaptable to changes throughout your life or otherwise it won’t be attainable.  It could have just the opposite effect.  I know that as long as I have access to a grocery store or farmer’s market, walking shoes, and a positive outlook, I will be just fine.  Healthy is as Healthy does!


Healthy Journey!  ARGHHHHHH!




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