Eat, Drink, Sleep? UPDATE

Sometimes we all need a spanking for misbehaving.  An old school paddle.  Grandma’s golden switch.  Grandpa’s magic belt.  We need something to teach us discipline and right now I should be first in line for a tough lesson.

I blogged many moons ago about how I would like to accomplish three things, one, to eat mini meals every 3-4 hours, drink at least 2 liters of water a day, and get my booty in bed by 11:00 in order to get 8 hours of sleep each night.  So how exactly is that working for me?  Hmmmm, lets see!  I’ve managed to eat pretty well since my open declaration, but I have to try harder.  The good news is that I am paying more attention to what I’m eating and how I am feeling.  I find it beneficial to eat slower, focus on eating wholesome food rather than more junk, and to monitor my wheat consumption.  However, I am still very much madly in love with sugar.  I am not quite ready to end my relationship with it.

I am drinking water consistently, but not enough.  I take a reuseable water bottle with me everywhere I go and that helps, but I only take sips every once in a while.  I find that when I work out I usually drink more and am closer to my daily goal.  Shouldn’t that be enough motivation for me to workout everyday?  Not really, but thanks for trying.

Well, as far as going to bed by 11:00.  Technically speaking, I am literally in bed by that time, but sleep doesn’t come easily when you prefer to watch television instead.  I continue to get at least eight hours of sleep, but sleeping-in does not equal quality resting.  Once again, I am pushing forward and trying harder.  I am positive that I will feel good, have more energy and able to function better once I get all three of these things under control.  If this is what I must do in order to live a healthier and happier life then I will keep pressing on and having fun in the process.

YOURTRUTH Question:  What are some of your healthy-life goals?

Healthy Journey!


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