Weigh-In Wednesday #1
















Today is the big day or least one of many.  Unfortunately, I ate too much last night before bed and it is affecting my weigh-in.  I am also carrying a bit more water weight this week, but I’m still going to step on the scale.

I feel as if I carry a lot of weight in my stomach and yes, I know this is typical for many people.  It is obvious when I look in the mirror that most of my weight is there, but there’s a little fluffiness under my arms and on my thighs also.  What I am seeing and what I am feeling are however two completely different monsters.  For example, when I stand up, I can feel the weight from my stomach pulling me down and then there is bloat and water retention.  Something funky is going on in that department and I am almost convinced that wheat and dairy are possible culprits.  Hmmmmm, I feel a ‘Curious Me’ challenge coming on!

My hope is that once I am more consistent with the “Eat, Drink, Sleep” approach from my previous blog, the number on the scale will go down, but that is only part of the battle.



Height: 5’7

Previous Weight: 169

Current Weight: 170 (+1)

Goal Weight: 155 (14 lbs.)


Healthy Journey!


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