Mind Over Matter and Money: Part I

To all of you fashion, savvy gurus out there who have mastered the art of looking good while staying on a budget, I have to say that I admire your style.  Your ability to become a “fashionista” through this hellacious recession has prompted me to take action as well.  Today, I am joining the rest of you “nutrionistas” out there who are trying to maintain or start eating healthier while staying on budget.  Is this even possible? Honestly? I mean, with the rising cost of groceries, flucuating gas prices, and with  Jilian Michaels retiring from The Biggest Loser, how do we maintain focus?  No need to worry…we’ve still got Richard Simmons and his super, slimming peppermint print booty shorts…let’s get moving people!


Recent strings of events have stripped me down to my last dollar.  However, I have had a string of successful interviews this week and if all goes well, I will make enough money to move into a better home, buy a new car, and possibly afford to eat better.  The focus of my weight loss journey is not just to lose weight, but to eat cleaner, less processed foods.  I would like to connect with nature again just as I did as a child.  I do realize that eating healthier can be quite costly, but does it really?  Is it possible to eat healthy and stay on a budget?  I believe it is, but we have to change the way we think, the way we shop, and most importantly, we have to be realistic.    Just the other day, I sat down and put pen to paper and crunched a few numbers.  It didn’t take long for me to realize that I have been wasting money on complete junk and have nothing to show for it except this tire around my stomach.  So how much exactly did this tire cost?


I think we can all agree that eating too much cake, cookies, candy, or pretty much anything will cause weight gain, but we eat it anyway and people, this junk isn’t free.   I am no stranger to losing weight and gaining weight, but for the most part, I have kept about 80 pounds off for about five years.  My weight fluctuates 5-10 pounds throughout the year, but one thing is obvious, desserts have always been my downfall.  I have been having an out-of-control, madly, obsessive, insane love affair with desserts since early childhood and unfortunately, we’re still madly in love.  On a typical day, it is not uncommon for me to consume 2-3 desserts without hesitation.  Check out part of my junk food diary and keep in mind that this is a good day.

                 *12 pcs          Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Candy ($1.00 – 340 calories)

                 *5 oz.             Chocolate Drizzled Caramel Popcorn with Peanuts ($1.00 – 650 calories)

                 *1pkg             Little Debbie Swiss Roll Cake (FREE – 270 calories)

                 *2 slices         Pizza Hut’s Veggie Pizza with thick crust (FREE – 580 calories)

                 *4 oz.             Soft Serve Vanilla Ice Cream from Burger King ($1.00 – 250 calories)

                 *1pc.              Blueberry Dum Dum (FREE – 25 calories)

                                                                                          Total: $3.00 – 2115 calories (PRICELESS!)

Aside from eating all of this, I typically consume a healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner of whole oat oatmeal, unsweet, almond milk, fruit, vegetables, and baked salmon with spinach and brown rice.  I literally torture myself with junk food.  It is not uncommon for me to get a sugar high.  I often feel dizzy, in a trance-like state, and anxious at times.  A little birdie told me it’s similar to smoking pot. Crazy bird!

I do not enjoy these moments and this drug does not always give me pleasure, in matter of fact it does just the opposite.    Now that I’m scraping the bottom of my financial barrel, do I spend the remainder on a banana and apple or on another Twix bar?  Both are going to cost me around a buck, but what are the disadvantages and advantages of the two?  Eat an apple and banana and you reap the nutritional rewards, plus it’ll last you a little longer.  Eat the Twix and you’re one step closer to an insulin shot.  Is it worth it?  The proposed “fat tax” is suppose to encourage this kind of thinking.  If you’re going to eat the candy, cookies, cakes, and drink soda, you’re going to pay for it both health wise and financially.  I guess the “easy” solution would be to stop eating it all together, but I am proposing to cut back instead and cook more at home.  Hmmmmm, I sense a challenge!


YOURTRUTH QUESTION:   What are your weight loss milestones?  What is your plan of action?

Healthy Journey!


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