Mind Over Matter and Money: Part II

Take a Bite out of This (sclick.net)

Welcome, welcome back, folks!  Happy Love Day to you all!  I apologize a million times for the funky layout of my page, but I have to get use to this new format.

In continuation with my previous post, I broke down my sugar addiction and I must admit that it’s quite outrageous.  Okay, lets do the crunch some numbers.  Hypothetically, if I had a “one snack-a-day” habit such as a candy bar, I would pay about one dollar for it.  By the end of the week, my total would be seven dollars.  By the end of the month, I am looking at a $28-$30 deficit.  In just one year, that cheap “snack-a-day” habit will cost me $365.

Unfortunately, I do not have a “one-snack-a-day” habit.  My habit fluctuates from $1-$10.  This stuff adds up.  I don’t drink soda often, but many of you do.  If you’re a “combo-snacker” or someone who has to have a bag of chips to go along with that soda and then a pack of sour candy to even out the saltiness of those chips, and then two hours later, you’re in desperate need of another soda to ease the intense sugar and caffeine craving, you’re looking at $1,460 a year spent on junk with a “$4 snack-a-day” habit.  Are your abs burning now from all of this mathematical crunching?  Realistically, just think of what you could do with that extra money.  I do not present you or myself with this information to discourage eating the stuff because lets just be honest, we don’t eat it because it’s gross, we eat it because sometimes it makes us happy and it tastes really goooooooood!


Michael Pollan, author of “Food Rules,” “Omnivore’s Delimma,” and ” In Defense of Food,” has inspired me to view foods in a different way and focus on wholesome, natural, “real” food.  It makes sense to avoid cereal that changes the color of your milk (Rule 10).  There has to be additives and coloring used to make the stuff look and smell so darn appetizing to be begin with. The rule that I would like to adopt under these dire circumstances is to “Eat All of the Junk Food I Want As Long As I Cook It Myself (Rule 39).”  This rule does several things. One, you don’t have a choice but to truly take a look at the ingredients that make up the final food product.  I think they should be natural and easily recognizable.  Second, do you think I’m actually going to bake a cake and cookies everyday?  Probably so since I love to bake, but even though I am a self-taught baker, washing dishes is my least favorite thing to do.  This rule will be applied on a limited basis.  Third, by avoiding gas station fixes (Rule 57) and preparing my own snacks, I will have more control and will choose healthier options.  That is the hope.

Now, I know some of you will make a good argument about the ridiculous cost of groceries and how it’s cheaper to buy cookies rather than making them, but I repeat.  This blog is about finding healthier solutions to your problems.  The way I see it is, if making homemade cookies for a slightly higher price will have healthier benefits because I have more control over portions, quality of ingredients, burning extra calories from blending and cleaning, not to mention the crazy, seductive, delicious smell of chocolate chip cookies wafting throughout the house…then I will take homemade any day.  However, portion control is a different issue.   My plan is to follow some of these rules starting with making my own junk.  Will there be exceptions to the rules? Of course, such as these awesome Sweet Potato Chips by Glories.  With only three ingredients (Non GMO Sweet Potatoes, Non GMO Expeller Pressed Canola/Corn/Olive Oil, and Sea Salt) and $1 per bag, I think I can occasionally get away with this.  There are very healthy options out there, but we must be mindful of what they are and how much we should eat.  It is possible to eat too much of a good thing, you know!

I don’t like rules or restrictions, I would rather view them as guidelines.  Whenever I adopt a new ‘guideline,’ I always ask myself do I think I could follow it forever.  In this case, my answer is, yes.  “I do take you Mr. Home Baked Good and Less Processed Junk for the rest of my life.”  You may now eat a LaraBar.

Healthy Journey and Love!


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